Oracle Database Administration & Security Consulting and Training

With 12+ years of experience solving complex database performance and security issues and design challenges, I provide the best solution for your Oracle database environment, without bias, so that you can reach your business objectives. I’ll help you plan, architect, migrate, implement, manage, backup, recovery and upgrade your Oracle Database. This includes 12c, 18c and 19c.

What I do:

  • Oracle Database environment setup: I’ll help you install Oracle Software (12c, 18, 19c), create databases and configure client/server network.
  • Database Administration: Remote and on-site Oracle Database support. I keep your databases running smoothly and trouble-free. Live support 24×7.
  • Database Security: I’ll help you protect your database against internal and external threats by identifying and removing vulnerabilities and establishing sound security policies.
  • Hands on teaching: Learn how to solve your problems. You choose what is covered/taught. Sessions here generally are done via Zoom/Meet and some form of screen sharing.

For more details, you can contact me at [email protected]